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Which Sitcom Stereotype Just Drives You Insane?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Is it the dumb blonde? The asexual gay dude? Or the Long Duk Dong-like Asian background player? Which sitcom stereotype can you just not abide?

Mic's Nico Lang has a lot of examples for the nine stereotypes that need to die. For instance, he's not a fan of the woman who tries to have it all, a la Liz Lemon, or the adorkable heroine (*ahem* New Girl Jess Day). The thing is, Lang has a point in pointing out the archetypes—problematic or not— that these characters fall into, but many, in my opinion, are three-dimensional people, anyway, whether through good writing or acting or both. What would our TV landscape be like without 30 Rock's protagonist, or even Gilmore Girl's Kim family, whom I think were more than just their good daughter/strict mother tropes.


This is where you come in, dear reader! We want to know, in the comments:

  1. Which stereotype do you just hate and wish would go away? Why?
  2. Which character comes to mind when you think of such a stereotype and does he or she save it for you or not?
  3. Please provide a picture of said character at their most stereotypical

To get you started, here are Lang's list of nine. Bonus if you come up with your own, though:

  1. The One Whose Asperger's Is Hilarious
  2. The Adorkable Gal
  3. The Asian Character Who Is Practically Long Duk Dong
  4. The One Trying to Have It All
  5. The Woman Whose Weight Is a Punchline
  6. The Guy With the Inexplicably Hot Wife
  7. The Gay One Who Isn't Having Sex
  8. The Black Character Who Gets Forgotten
  9. The One Whose Hair Color Determines Her Intelligence