Which Simpson Wore It Best?

Just in time for the Simpsons movie, the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar tempts readers to ask the probing question, "Who wore it best? Jessica Simpson? Or the Simpsons?" So there's that cute little coincidence. They're both wearing a Versace gown, timed to the tenth anniversary of Versace's death, and in case you didn't miss the nineties enough, we scanned a brand new Versace ad in which Kate Moss wears it too. It's all such a rollicking good raft of inside jokes and funny little coincidences! Also a coincidence: that "The Simpsons," who make their big-screen debut on Friday, was in large part what turned News Corp from a piece of crap into a feared-and-respected international media behemoth that is now on the precipice of taking over the world or something. Now if we could only get Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng in a "Don't Have A Cow, Man" T-shirt and O.J. Simpson in one that said, "If I Did It...Doh!"


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