That is, all 5 that she plays on the CW's Ringer, which is back for more thrills and spills (SMG overboard!) Tuesdays at 9/8 c, starting tonight. Let's take a look at all five:

Bridget: Recovering addict, witness to murder, on the run.

Siobhan: Bridget's identical twin sister — filthy rich, pampered and married to a hot man — who disappears overboard during a boat trip.


Bridget as Siobhan: SMG playing SMG, the less-successful twin pretending to be the other one (yes, she has to make out with hot husband). Someone tries to kill her.

Young Bridget: A stripper with disheveled hair.

Young Siobhan: A woman who casually suggests murdering people then laughs it off when whomever she's with gives her the "girl, you crazy" look.


Vote below, and tune in to 2012's first episode of Ringer tonight at 9/8 c on the CW!

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