To celebrate Animal Planet's new show, Groomer Has It, we asked you to send us pictures of your aesthetically-challenged canines. And while we received many pictures of adorable pups, there are five finalists — and there can only be one winner! After the jump, vote for the lucky dog you think should win a grooming session, courtesy of Animal Planet.

"My dog, Rocky, needs a major makeover because I'm not exactly sure
what his face looks like anymore. [This picture is of him] beating up the cat and, as you might notice, they blend into one gigantic black fluff ball. He's the lighter-colored and bigger one. Please make it so that I'll be able to seperate my dog from my cat. His long black hair also hides seaweed and sand and dirt quite well until he can get under my blankets and shake the filth off."

"I am nominating my pup Coconut, he's a 2 year old Pomeranian! This little fuzzywump really need a good grooming! Besides his massive amount of frizzy fur, his little nails need a cuttin', he looks a lot more delightful with a haircut. Plus, I won't have to keep giving him "big plastic cup" showers in the tub after every time he leaves his tootie rolls for me to pick up. (he leaves a reminder behind) Plus, he
would love to meet and show off his dance moves to you guys..."


"Sparky is a 7 year old adopted beagle/dachshund rescue from the BARC Shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Like any other hipster dog he enjoys striped sweaters, tofu and Rufus Wainwright. Sparky is continually ridiculed by his owner's friends because of his funky crooked tail (which may have been broken pre-adoption and sticks out at a weird angle resembling a man's genitalia), freakishly long torso and heinous bad breath. He would truly enjoy a day of pampering — and he hasn't peed on the floor in a while, so he deserves it. What Sparky lacks in looks he certainly makes up in personality. He's feisty, opinionated, playful and loves to sleep all day long. In the attached picture, Avon perfume had just been sprayed and Sparky reacted appropriately. He told me later he much prefers anything by Chanel."


"I'm attaching a particularly gnarly photograph of my dog, Bob. He's a four-year-old Yorkie/Daschund mix with a bad case of skin allergies and an ever-present funk that permeates my bedroom. I'd say this picture showcases him at his worst, but a friend of mine claims he looks just like Heather from the first season of Rock of Love. He can look pretty good with the proper treatment, but ever since my best friend quit her grooming job 2 years ago to become a nurse, it's all gone downhill."

"This is my dog Oslo. She is 8 years old. Why yes, those ARE frozen lines of drool hanging from her mouth. It was 25 degrees out when the shot was taken, so imagine what the drool is like when the weather is actually hot in Chicago. It hangs from her mouth, it drips down to the fur on her chest, it smells like sin. All day. Every day. You can see how long her hair is... It gets tangled and matted, and it's near-impossible to comb through. She's a whole lotta lady to groom. It requires the skill of a trained professional. It also requires someone who has no sense of smell."


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