Which "Famous Musician" Made Paris Hilton Pay Her Own Way On A Date?

Following the finale of Paris Hilton's My New BFF last night was a 30 minute aftershow which featured a slumber party with Paris, her new BFF Brittany, and Paris' "inner circle," (Keyshia Cole, Nicky Hilton, Paris' aunt Kyle, "scene queen" Hanna Beth Merjos, and actor Nick Swardson). During the slumber party, Brittany posed a really valid and honest - almost to the point of discomfort - question about how much stuff she should let Paris pay for when they hang out, considering that Brittany doesn't really have much money. This led Nicky to tell a story about a "famous musician we all know" that Paris once dated who would only pay for the items he ordered off the menu when the bill came. Who could it be? My guess, and more after the jump.

So, I think it was Travis Barker. Remember when she was briefly hooking up with him and then she got in that feud with Shanna Moakler? He comes off as having the potential to be a real cheapskate.


On a side note, everyone at the slumber party was either a relative or relatively famous, except for this girl: Hanna Beth Merjos.

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I'm pushing 30, so I'm not as up on kid culture and only have a marginal knowledge of "scene queens." From Urban Dictionary:

A scene queen is a girl who is really popular or "famous" on the internet. You can easily find their profiles on webistes such as Myspace, LiveJournal,or Buzznet. Scene queens are "famous" because:

1) They dated a guy in a popular emo or hardcore band
2) They have alot of friends on Myspace, Buzznet etc.
3) They are friends with another scene queen

Sceen Queens wear alot of large jewlery. They take millions of pictures of themseleves and their friends. They go to shows often. Most have unique and often hideous hair. Once they become popular most Scene Queens get their own Clothing Line, Jewlery Line, Photography Company or Band.
Some examples of Scene Queens include:

Audrey Kitching
Zui Suicide
Miss Hanna Beth
Kelly VonHart
Kiki Kannibal
Jac Vanek

From what I can tell, these girls just take a lot of pictures of themselves in weird outfits and then post them online and people make fan sites about them. I don't know how this generates into money. Anyway, what's interesting (at least to me) is that, like Hana Beth, Zui Suicide, who was a contestant on Paris Hilton's My New BFF, is also a scene queen. I know that Zui and Audrey Kitching used to be best friends and then had a falling out and then Audrey and Hanna Beth were best friends and then had a falling out. But I'm not sure where Zui and Hanna stand, as far as friendship/hating each other goes.

I wonder if Paris was aware of any of this. And I wonder why I am.

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The show never really revealed what Paris' BFF would "win" aside from friendship—I mean, does she get to live with Paris, etc.....What is she supposed to do for money? Does Paris give her a salary for beign her new BFF?