Which Diva Is the Queen of Dessert? Patti’s Pie, Aretha’s Cobbler, and Dolly’s Pudding Face-Off

Have you ever wanted to see Patti LaBelle, Dolly Parton, and Aretha Franklin go head-to-head Iron Chef style? We did too, but for various reasons (packed schedules, death etc...) we couldn’t book them.

So welcome to the 1st annual Jezebel celebrity bake off! We asked Jezebel staffers to make Dolly Parton’s banana pudding, Aretha Franklin’s peach cobbler, and Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, to figure out which queen is the queen of dessert.


Editors note: This competition uses Food.com’s version of Dolly Parton’s banana pudding recipe. Another version of this recipe exists via The Hallmark Channel and is probably better.  

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I bought a small Patti LaBelle buttermilk pie from Walmart around Thanksgiving. My grandmother always made buttermilk pies and I took over making them when she died, adding a few tweaks of my own. So I was excited to see a buttermilk pie in the store! Well...it was not good. It was sickeningly sweet (the custard sweetened with what tasted like powdered sugar? - it had a distinctive frosting-like flavor) and nothing like the buttermilk pies I make and remember. My husband hated it. HATED it. He hate half of one piece. I ate a small sliver. Then it sat, unloved, until trash day. I will say the crust was decent.