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Searching the Getty Images archives for pictures of babies, we stumbled upon this gem. It's a scan from a 1650 medical text — The Birth of Mankynde, Other Wyse Named The Womans Booke — in which someone has illustrated all the various ways the mischievous little fetus positions itself before being born. Epic in scope, hilarious in detail, The Byrthe Fygvres, much like your horoscope, tell the world all about you.


And so. The question you much ask yourself is: Which BYRTHE FYGVRE are you?

Note: Fygvres I and II seem to have been lost.

Fygvre III
In the immortal words of Tom Petty, free fallin'.

Fygvre IIII
The toe-dipper. Is it cold out there?

Fygvre V
The reluctant scamp. Come and get me!

Fygvre VI
The jumping juvenile.

Fygvre VII
The U2. (If you want to kiss the sky/Better learn how to kneel)

Fygvre VIII
The backstroke.

Fygvre IX
The surrender.

Fygvre X
Making an ass of yourself.

Fygvre XI
Pada Hastasana.

Fygvre XII

Illustration for article titled Which BYRTHE FYGVRE Are You?

Circa 1650, Diagrams from a 17th century medical volume illustrating the various positions of a foetus within the womb. Images via Getty.

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Violet Baudelaire

Oh my god, I want to go back to the womb. Being in there looks like it's super fun!