We are not kinda ashamed to admit this, but we slept with a nightlight until we were about 11 years old. And now we live in New York City, where the light-pollution keeps things at a comfortable, terracotta-hued 20 watts or so even after sundown, meaning that the streets and apartments here are always kinda illuminated, and therefore, "safe".

So embarrassingly, the first thing that went through our heads after we heard that Britney Spears has reserved an entire wing of her Malibu rehab center for herself was...won't Britney be freaked out all alone in the dark???!!! Especially if she's coming off what appears to be an epic bender, with all its attendant shakes and imagined creepy-crawlies and paranoid delusions?

What we're trying to say is that we're worried for Britney, but we also think we've got a solution: this adorable new SPOKA nightlight from IKEA, as suggested by the editors of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The light looks like a Japanese-designed version of Casper the Friendly Ghost, responds to pats on its head by changing colors, and comes with a travel bag (See? Perfect for rehab!). Plus, the diode inside lasts for 50,000 hours, which is about 49,280 more hours than Britney will hopefully need within the confines of Promises. (She can pawn it off on Sean and Jayden when she gets back home.)