Last night, the New York Academy of Art held the 2012 Tribeca Ball, which honored Robert DeNiro. While the party traditionally enjoys an interesting turnout—a mix of celebrities, socialites, and U.S. presidents—this year, attendees had very different interpretations of the dress code for a ball.

When I think of a "ball" I think of big poofy gowns. But this was a pretty muted event. Naomi Watts' black strapless dress exemplifies the general tone of the event, while Julianna Margulies seemed a little more casual than most. Paz de la Huerta never brushes her hair.

Simplicity seemed to be the biggest trend, with Padma Lakshmi in a crocheted gown, the typically edgy Michelle Harper in sophisticated separates and Nora Zehetner in a clean white dress.


Solange can make even the most hideous patterns and high-waisted shiny pants look cool.


Carla Gugino works an hourglass silhouette. Helena Christensen looks comfortable, but also, not ready for a day party in a garden. Jessica White is flawless in a silver sequined disco dress.

Artist Anne Koch's feather crown looks like horns.


Here's the kooky gals: Kate de Brienne in a jaunty hat; this broad with the purple hair; and Kim Cattrall, who looked like she just got done running errands at the mall.

Here are the rebels, who accessorized with some needless leather: Zen Sevastyanova, some lady with red fingerless gloves, and Allison Sarofim with a leather bondage-y bustier.