Our friends in the UK are being thoroughly creeped out by Coke's new campaign which includes a headless shirtless man pouring himself a fine glass of Diet Coke. Said headless shirtless man appears to have zero nipples, which is either some type of astounding genetic anomaly or, more likely, a staggering Photoshop fail. Here's the whole ad:

I seriously cannot stop looking at it. Where did they go? Are they hiding? Do you have them? Maybe his nipples just doesn't like Diet Coke?

Also, I'd like to congratulate, from the very bottom of my heart, the Body Opponent Bag who has apparently scored a new gig as the faceless face of Coca Cola. I got "100% Love" for you, bro.


Seriously BOB, it's your time to shine.

Image of BOB via Century MMA.