Hey, did you hear? Project Runway's fifth season is premiering tonight on Bravo! We wouldn't be surprised if you had no clue about it, seeing that Bravo has done almost zero publicity for the upcoming season and we didn't even realize that there was a new season coming up until last week (apparently Bravo is too busy promoting Date My Ex or whatever other reality disaster it cooked up last season). Well, the lack of publicity has got some people wondering if Bravo is purposefully sabotaging the series before it moves off to Lifetime next year; the network doesn't seem to have sent out screeners to reviewers.

However: we did find one review from the LA Times which reads like a memorized run-down of a typical episode from a fan, with a reference to a contestant's shorts thrown in to up the legitimacy factor. Anyway, we'll all be watching tonight, with a wrap-up (courtesy of Dodai) to come tomorrow.


UPDATE: As some of you noted, there was another review in the Washington Post! So Bravo execs got around to sending screeners to two newspapers, great job. But! The Washington Post reviewer, Robin Givhan, will be discussing the episode tomorrow and the public can submit questions for her to answer about Project Runway! Maybe you could ask why she got a screener but other newspapers didn't? Or what the new catchphrase will be.

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