Good news for fans of Spring Awakening, the 2006 Broadway hit (based on the 19th century German play) about a group of under-educated teens exploring sex, love and passion to the point of destruction. It looks like a film version of the musical is definitely happening.

Over the weekend, composer Duncan Sheik told U-T San Diego that he and collaborator/writer-lyricist Steven Sater are currently doing their best to make Spring Awakening: The Movie! a reality.

He said:

We're trying to get the "Spring Awakening" movie made this year. It's in process, and we have a fancy director (McG) and a fancy producer (Playtone, Tom Hanks' company) involved. So fingers crossed we'll be diving into it.

I was a little too old to get caught up in the hype surrounding Spring Awakening so my perception of the show — even after watching the entire bootlegged version on YouTube — was always that it was basically a kid's version of Rent, only with less AIDS and more illegal abortion. Whether I'm right or wrong about that (to be safe, we'll say I'm wrong), the production was extremely successful, beloved and it helped launch the careers of Lea Michele (Glee), Jonathan Groff (Looking, Frozen), John Gallagher, Jr. (Newsroom) and Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect).


By now, the original cast seems a little long in the tooth to be playing young teens, so I'm sure forthcoming casting news is bound to upset and excite. Right now, it's just hard to imagine what the musical would be without this face:

Or this voice:

I really love Jonathan Groff, you guys.