It's been 35 years since a generation of kids learned it was "All Right To Cry." That's right, Marlo Thomas' classic 1973 children's book Free To Be...You And Me is all grown up and resissued! The junior manifesto for children of the Me decade was a feminist landmark for its stance on celebrating differences and exploding gender roles. "The message is a rather deep one, that you can choose your own role models, you can fight stereotypes," says Thomas. The children of all those little boys who learned it was okay to play with dolls, or girls who were told they didn't need to grow up to be princesses will surely thrill to the classic soundtrack and timeless prose โ€” the authors, including Judy Blume and Shel Silverstein, were a who's who of kids' all stars โ€” but we gotta say, we're going to miss those classic 70s illustrations! [USA Today]