When The Dow Drops, Dognappers Rise • Y Is Agyness Deyn So Faymous?

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Another sad consequence of our crappy economy: dognapping! Pet thefts are on the rise, with a spike in February when contraband pooches may have been given as Valentine's gifts. • Is your period messing up your morale? Try this "vulvar deodorant system" with a little flower that dangles out of your vag. • Double dutch is now an officially sanctioned sport in New York City's high schools. It's primarily played by girls, but check out this movie about a boy who quits boxing to jump with the best of them. • Strip clubs are illegal in Iowa, but "art centers" where women happen to dance nude are totally fine — until the sheriff's 17-year-old niece decides to take the stage. •• The Indian city of Pune has banned the wearing of scarves while driving, under the theory that a scarf can be a terrorist disguise. Women's response: a scarf can also help you breathe in polluted, dusty Pune. • Most TV might make your kids think that Dad's incompetent, Mom's a saint, and women love yogurt. But can some shows actually help parents raise good feminists? Check out the discussion at Feministe. • Scary science: high prepregnancy BMI can increase the risk of brain and spinal cord defects. The good news: it doesn't hurt the baby's heart. • More scary science: high BMI may also decrease survival rates for breast cancer. The good news here: moderate drinking increases survival rates. • And some bad science: Dr. Chuck MacKnee claims that sex between committed Christians is more "holistic" than Tantric or Kama Sutra-style sex, "involving full body gratification as well as emotional and spiritual highs." His sample size: ten people, two of whom were pastors. • A city in central Japan had its Belly Button Festival this weekend, featuring an awesome dance in which "revelers paint a face on their torsos and stomachs and pretend it is a head." • And finally, from the department of the purely ridiculous: name analyst/professional weirdo Laurence Y Payg claims his name advice catapulted boring Laura Hollins into supermodel Agyness Deyn. His main technique seems to be adding y's, and he would like to help out another British star by transforming her into Amy Wynehouse. •

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Mr. Payg some of us find her boring no matter what you call her.

I'm going to have a drink just in case my BMI is high. Preventive measures and all.