The hoopla surrounding this Sunday's Academy Awards has officially begun! Last night's Oscars Pre-Party, held by environmental nonprofit Global Green USA, saw a slew of celebs who obviously had the environment, not style, on their minds (Not that that's a bad thing.) Case in point: Molly Sims. And while very pregnant Elisabeth Rohm and the always pulled-together Sophia Bush managed to dazzle, Radha Mitchell, Josie Maran, Samantha Harris and even Salma Hayek struck out big time. Worst offender? Adrien Grenier. His beard needs a restraining order. The full Good, Bad, and Ugly, after the jump.

The Good:

Elisabeth Rohm: Still pregnant, still managing to be the anti-J.Lo.

I don't know if I've ever seen Sophia Bush look bad, but in orange she's never looked better.


The Bad:

Bahar Soomekh's sleeves look like they have a mind of their own.


I would have been crazy for Radha Mitchell's dress if only the sleeves didn't have those unfortunate cut-outs.

Josie Maran must have missed the memo about my sentiments regarding the bubble dress.


It breaks my heart to say this: Salma Hayek looks frumpy in this cheap-looking suit.


The tights and the shoes turn Samantha Harris' dress with great potential into a flop.

I love Alexis Arquette. Just not dressed like this. What's with those shoes?!

The Ugly:


Does Tia Carerre's dress have the chicken pox?

Adrien Grenier's beard (and weird shiny tie) need to cease and desist ASAP.

[All images via Bauer-Griffin.]