When Pamela Brown and Shauna Rajkowski were married in California, they didn't go with just your traditional cake-topper. They went with one that said "Vote No On 8," which is the number of the California ballot proposition that would make gay marriage illegal in California. They're joining a growing movement of people (many of whom have been co-habitating for far longer than my last relationship) who are eschewing "traditional" wedding accoutrement for political cake-toppers and registries that allow guests to make donations to the group fighting Prop 8, Equality For All. Although it's great to see same-sex couples celebrate marriage (and, in some small way, stick their thumbs in the eye of the Wedding Industrial Complex), it's sad that they don't really have the choice but to be political — without a defeat of Prop 8, their weddings will be declared invalid by Christmas. [NY Times, Equality for All]


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I'm really hoping that we live up to our status as a liberal stronghold and that Prop 8 doesn't pass. It's quite nice to see that even a lot of people my age in this part of town (heavily latino;catholic/pentecostal) are okay with same-sex marriage.