When Matthew Crawley's Dick Broke

The only thing worse than not being able to hold the man you love in your arms is not being able to hold his boner in your vagina. And so is the case with Lady Mary and Matthew, after he suffered a spinal injury in the war.

"You mean there can be no children?" Lord Grantham asked the doctor.
"No anything I'm afraid," he replied.


This complicates matters in many ways. Who will be the next heir if Matthew can't have children? Forget being able to marry Matthew, with his condition Mary can't even be a sideline ho. Still, she and Lavinia both pine for him, despite his paralysis. What is it about him, exactly, (other than the inheritance) that have these girls all in a tizzy. If you ask me, he has a weak chin.

Oh, and who else is sick of Daisy being all uptight about lying to William about her feelings for him? He died anyway, so BFD. She must be the type who believes in ghosts or something and is afraid he'll haunt her. That's the only reason why she would be so irrationally against making a dying a man happy.


In other Downton news, Shirley MacLaine will be joining the cast for the show's third season as Martha Levinson, Lady Grantham's American mother!

'Downton Abbey' Adds Shirley MacLaine for Season 3 [THR]

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