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When It Comes to Sex, Meghan McCain Keeps It 'Strictly Dickly'

Illustration for article titled When It Comes to Sex, Meghan McCain Keeps It Strictly Dickly

In her ongoing bid to remain relevant, Meghan McCain gave an interview to Playboy in which she tries to get all suggestive, but ends up vacillating confusingly between talking about her boobs and wondering why people talk about her boobs. But where she really shines is her description of the day before the 2008 election, when, she says, she almost overdosed on Xanax:

I had gained a lot of weight. I went up four sizes thanks to Starbucks and Snickers. Obamamania was at its height. I ended up going to Sedona with my girlfriends. All we did was play Rock Band for days and days and eat and sleep and hang out in bed watching TV. I was done.


Obviously, Playboy presses her on the bed thing with, "Say a little more about the hanging-out-in-bed-with-girlfriends part." And she's off:

Watch it, mister. My friends from home came over to support me, and we got in my parents' big bed. They have this huge California king and we just stayed up eating ice cream. I'm not a lesbian, if that's what you're asking. I'd be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I'm not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I'm strictly dickly. I can't help it. I love sex and I love men.


Lovely. She could probably have stopped there, but instead she said went on about her abundance of gay friends: "Gay guys love me. It's the big boobs and blonde hair." How nice for you, Meghan. Now, if you wouldn't mind climbing back into your parents' California king and sparing us these kinds of deep thoughts, political and otherwise, that would be fantastic.

Meghan McCain to Playboy: ‘I'm Strictly Dickly" [New York Mag]

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One point I'll agree with her on - gay dudes do seem seriously into boobs. What's up with that?