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When It Comes To Helping Pregnant Women, White Men Finish Dead Last

Illustration for article titled When It Comes To Helping Pregnant Women, White Men Finish Dead Last

Glamour magazine editor/blogger Erin Zammett Ruddy is hot, sweaty, possibly hormonal, and definitely pissed. Seems that on the NYC subway this morning, not one got off his or her fat ass to give her fat ass (we kid! we kid!) a seat (she's 7 1/2-months pregnant).

It's not that I'm tired and lazy and want to sit all the time, it's that I'd rather not fall on my ass on the subway. Also, it makes me feel really uncomfortable because other standing people look at me sympathetically and I feel like the giant elephant on the train. At one point there were three young women sitting right in front of me all averting their eyes from the belly in their face.


Lame? Yes. But not entirely unexpected! We remember a few years ago when a friend — pregnant with her first child and a regular rider of public transport — told us that, contrary to what many would think, a woman was less likely to offer up her seat to another (pregnant) woman than, say, a Hispanic male.

In fact, our friend ranked Hispanic and black men as most likely to offer up their seats, followed by women in general (meaning any ethnicity) and then white men. (For whatever reason, males of other ethnicities were not included in her list). While we'd love to put up a poll about this, we're neither a pregnancy/kiddie site — we just look like one! — nor interested in following up one racially-based poll with another. So share your thoughts in the comments... and give up your damn seat the next time you see a pregnant lady. It's fucking summer, people!


No Love From The Subway [LifeWithCancer]
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@mmh - good for you girl, I just had a bebe and miss the entitlement. Good seats on the bus, the most buttery pretzel, jumping to the head of the bathroom line. I didn't abuse it but it was nice, yo! White men never help though, only ethnic men and women only give deference in the bathroom - not for seats. White men offer to help me all the time now when I have the bebe with me. What gives?