I've never discussed this before on the site, but it's a very important, some might say pivotal, part of my work day and life. I'm talking about What Not To Wear*, the show in which magical fashion elves Stacy London and Clinton Kelly teach people how to dress. They're fantastically catty (I think Stacy keeps her evil in that darling skunk stripe she sports), but more importantly, they give practical, basic advice that every woman should heed. The 64% of women who say that shopping for clothes lowers their self-confidence in a new poll might feel a lot better about their shopping experiences if they channeled good ol' Stacy and Clinton in the dressing room. A list of reasons why, after the jump.

  • The USA Today article that discusses the shopping poll also pointed out that "39% have purchased something that was too small, hoping it would look good once they lost weight." Stacy and Clinton are so against this. They always say that you should dress the body you have, not the body you think you should have. You should also probably learn to love your body, but that's not quite as easily remedied.
  • "62% say they own a pair of jeans that no longer fit," according to the same survey. Again: a no no. Our bodies change sometimes, Stacy and Clinton will have you know, and if you put on or lose weight, you should buy some new garb. You're going to feel bad about yourself if you wear clothes that don't fit, because they're going to look bad.
  • The survey also says that "14% have refused help from sales personnel so they wouldn't have to reveal their size." Again: know your size, love your size. The best sales personnel know their stock, and they have suggestions about what looks good on you that you might have missed out on. Which brings me to…
  • Accepting what looks good on you. Like Tracie said in her post yesterday about Mad Men fashion and Sadie pointed out in her post on practical tips for personal style, if you've got some curves, you are going to rock structured styles, while you will…decidedly not rock floppy, tent-y styles . If you're sporting a cute boyish figure, you can look chic in those same tent dresses! And pretty much no one looks good in American Apparel spandex unitards.

All of this What Not To Wear ephemera boils down to one basic tenet that ultimately has nothing to do with fashion. Know your body, love your body, and as Stacy and Clinton would say, if something looks bad, blame the clothes, not your figure!

*I'm sure some of you are going to complain in the comments that the original British version of the show is superior to the American imitation, but having seen Trinny and Susannah I must respectfully disagree! Stacy London is the baddest bitch.

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