Breaking news! Even women who tan don't want to get skin cancer. According to the New York Times:

Julie Demaio, who works in advertising in Manhattan, carried a supply of products to the beach because she uses different levels of sun protection for each body part. "I want some parts more tan than others," Ms. Demaio explained as she sat on the beach in a lounge chair. "I put SPF 4 on my legs, SPF 8 on my arms, and SPF 30 on my face." She added: "I even put an SPF on my hair so my scalp doesn't burn." Ms. Demaio said she viewed her sun protection strategy as a delicate system that straddled a line between getting tan and getting a sunburn. "I know I am not supposed to want a little color, but I do," she said. "If my chest and legs get red, I will put on more sunscreen."

Did you actually read all that? Did we actually read that twice? Is it possible there are moresunscreen appliers on the same beach they found Stephanie? Oh yes it is! But don't take our word for it because you're obviously bored out of your mind! Check the slideshow!!!
What's Your SPF [New York Times]