We like Penelope Cruz, even if she was Tom Cruise's beard, because she's very beautiful and stylish and wouldn't know size zero if it came up behind her and started sucking all her curves away.

We are delighted to see she has an arguably even cuter little sister called Monica, who's starring in a movie called The Inquiry, out on April 6.


We're just not quite sure we love the dresses they wore to the movie's premiere in LA last night:

Illustration for article titled When bad clothes happen to beautiful women.

Oddly shapeless, the pair of them. Makes them both look kind of giant somehow, too. Not as in fat, more as in attack of the 50-foot woman.

Also, Penelope's dress is exactly the kind of thing that celebs wear when they're pregnant and don't want anyone to know about it, which is very tiresome when it results in weeks and weeks and weeks of Star Magazine screaming that they're having a baby, only to stop when it's clear they'd have to be an elephant to be pregnant that long. Just ask Demi Moore.

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