What's Your Ideal Women's Website?

Tuesday evening brainstorm: What would you like to see from a women's website? What stories and topics would be covered? What sort of content is essential for a site to make it a must-read for you — and what stuff do you straight up enjoy, even if you don't consider it necessary? How about the design or user tools? Whatever it is you're hankering for, we'd like to hear about it.


Please share your intelligent thoughts, hopes and dreams below. We're listening.


All Corgis All the Time

I'd also like to see more posts about books. io9 does a great one every month with new SFF books. I'd like to see one on Jez every month that are themed i.e. Female authors (or whatever). A lot of us read and read a lot. It would be nice to have less Kardashian and more, well, anything really.