What's Worse Than A Facelift? A Facelift "Redo"!

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If this book ever appears on our Amazon wish-lists, please have us committed: Dr. Sam T. Hamra's The Facelift Letdown: When Results Don't Meet Expectations. (And yes, the face on the cover looks really sad and disappointed.)

There's a piece in the New York Times all about the un-glam world of surgery redux. It's not pretty, kids. From said piece we culled the following:

-Disregard everything you've seen on "Dr. 90210, Nip/Tuck and the flashy cosmetic surgeons of Extreme Makeover." (That's from Amazon's description of The Facelift Letdown.) Apparently it's a lot more painful and there's less sex. Think TLC, not FX.


-If you get cheap plastic surgery, it looks crap. '"I'm seeing more people who have gone to clinics where price is a major concern for them going there, and often they are dissatisfied with the result," said Dr. Stuzin, a past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. "Instead of muscle work, they are oversuctioning the neck, so the neck looks skeletal."'

-A lot of the time, people get their surgery "corrected," either because it doesn't look good or there's some kind of "complication," ie you can't breathe. "But some surgeons think impaired breathing is an acceptable trade-off for aesthetic improvement."

-Even if you're happy with it, you're gonna need periodic touch-ups.

-Oh yeah: if you don't get any in the first place, you can avoid all of the above.


The book doesn't have any comments on Amazon yet, but we imagine what business it does will be over the internet. After all, carrying this to the register of a Barnes & Noble would rank somewhere on the buying-trauma scale between Depends and Catholicism for Dummies.
When Plastic Surgery Calls for A Do-Over [NY Times]

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Aesop's Foibles.

I wouldn't hate on anyone for getting plastic surgery. I might hate on their reasons, like for example a teenager getting implants because she wants to get boys' attention or anything along those lines. I feel like whatever you want to do to your body is your business, and if you have the dough and the desire to correct any part of yourself that makes you unhappy, by all means knock yourself out. But as far as all the cut-rate butchery going on these days...Oh my God. It's horrifying that some women will jump on a "deal" and end up dying because of it. Like, for example: Dentists going to hour-long seminars and getting "certified" to do Botox or fillers or what have you. Or the cases of shady fly-by-nighters-like as in people who fly in from South America or wherever, who have no medical anything, and inject stuff into people, take their money, and then roll out of the country. I was just recently reading a collection of horror stories/cautionary tales and they seriously made my brain hurt. One woman ended up going into cardiac arrest on the table during one of these particular deals and died. During the autopsy the ME tried to identify the substance she'd been injected with, to no avail. Basically this woman was pumped full of a mystery substance and died as a result. Gruesome factor aside, I find it particularly horrifying that these woman, many of whom end up maimed and ravaged by infection, if not dead, are willingly subjecting themselves to these procedures in an effort to make themselves more beautiful. This is the ugly part of the beauty myth, and it's just so sad and sort of makes me want to bury my head in the sand and go la-la-la I can't hear you. #plasticsurgery