What's VJ Kennedy Up To?

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Kennedy—as in, the former MTV VJ Kennedy, née Lisa Kennedy Montgomery—has been making excellent use of her time lately, brainstorming potential nicknames for presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke. So far, she’s landed on Beta O’Dork and her coworkers seem very fond of her wit.


Kennedy, who in addition to hosting her own show Kennedy on Fox Business News also regularly guests on Outnumbered, appeared Monday on the daytime talk show for a rousing discussion of just how weird O’Rourke is and what bitchin’ moniker Donald Trump might give him on the campaign. How about Weirdo O’Rourke, suggests David Asman, the one man on the panel (get it, he’s outnumbered?).

“[Trump] can use the name I gave him,” Kennedy says. “Beta O’Dork.”

“Beto O’Dork,” Asman says, slowly, as if to emphasize that he gets it and agrees.

“No, Beta,” Kennedy says. “He’s a beta male.”

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has dropped this nickname; although it blew up last week, on the day O’Rourke announced, it predates his presidential candidacy. Lisa Boothe, a regular co-host on The Five, gushed about it on March 14, pointing out that she’d first heard it a while ago on Outnumbered:

BOOTHE: Yeah, Juan, let me give Kennedy a compliment. Because you’ve said this on Outnumbered the other day, his nickname should be Beta.

KENNEDY: Yeah, Beta O’Dork.


It may not even be that original—a simple Twitter search reveals that Beta O’Dork has been floating around since the 2018 midterm election. Still, Fox News has been going absolutely bananas over this shit; after Boothe mentioned it, Juan Williams quickly tried to take credit for it

WILLIAMS: Hey, hey, she said it here on “The Five” first. She said it on “The Five.”


So either there are at least two people in the world who are obsessed enough with beta males to make this connection, or maybe Kennedy read it online, or both. Who knows? I just wish I got this much satisfaction out of any of my sad jokes.

This concludes the first and final installment of “What’s VJ Kennedy Up To?”

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I personally love when people use the term ‘Beta Male’ or ‘Alpha Male’. It lets you know immediately that they are a complete moron.