What's Up With Wanting To Eat Cute Babies? And Other Involuntary Impulses That Freak Dudes Out

Your comments regarding Amanda Peet's OMG ADORABLE baby today reminded me that there is one thing we all agree on, it's that babies are made to be eaten. No, seriously, you know, that "mwa mwa mwa I just wanna take a bite outta this thunder thigh you're so keee-yoooot oh god I really hope no one ever records me talking like this.." Okay, you do this, right? Good, okay, now here's the related question: what about with boyfriends? Have you ever wanted to eat your boyfriend's, like, upper arms? What about the meaty little limbs of his baby picture? This pretty much freaks all dudes out, right?


Cooing uncontrollably over my ex-boyfriend's "little old man" baby picture (wherein he sat in one of those little brown seventies-era striped rugby shirts flanked by his twin brothers, who were infants at the time) is pretty much the only typically-female thing I did that freaked him out (before, obvs, he tried to break up with me, at which point I commenced acting like a typically-female species of psychopath.) Which just reminded me of the way my roommate talks to her cat, and my mom talks to her dog and miscellaneous other spontaneous "women"-type reactions to shit: like OMG is it some hormone that causes this shit? I am too lazy and over multitasking for the day to Google it.

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