What's This? Just the Royal Family of Monaco Acting Like Regular Old Folks

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Monaco’s royal twins Jacques and Gabriella recently turned one. Seems somebody at the office of royal affairs heard about the venerable American tradition of Christmas letters and decided to do something similar to mark the occasion—except it’s with video, not cozy, and frankly a bit weird.

This fascinating video comes via Lainey Gossip. It’s nothing wild—just Charlene and Albert sitting around recapping the last year and talking about their hopes for their children.

But it all adds up to create a strange vibe. For instance, Albert answers in exclusively in French, while Charlene sticks to English. Sure, both useful languages in Monaco, but it’s unusual to see couples do an interview in two totally different languages. Plus it’s strangely stilted. The babies are curious! The babies love their toys! It’s like being stuck on an airplane with a couple of bad conversationalists who clearly do not want to make small talk but feel obligated. How is it possible that even Prince Charles, in his awkward grandpa goofiness, seems more charming than a man who is literally Grace Kelly’s son?


Meanwhile the babies themselves continue to roll around on the floor, gnawing on bright plastic things.

Stick around for the end, which pairs swelling, triumphant choral music with pretty standard footage of the littlest royals. Royals: They’re definitely not anything like us!

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These two giving off weird vibes? And after they looked so joyously in love at their wedding!