What's The Message Behind A Black Man In Heels On The Cover Of Vogue?

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The New York Times interviewed our favorite muse, André J., for the Sunday Styles section, and we've learned all kinds of interesting things about André! André was born in Newark, N.J, does not consider himself a cross dresser ("I'm just expressing myself and not hurting anyone and taking myself to a place where I want to be, a place where the world is beautiful") and keeps a journal. He was raised in a "loving single-mother household in a housing project" and then moved to L.A. for "the sex and the fame." A stylist recommended that Bruce Weber shoot André, and André traveled to the photographer's Montauk compound from Manhattan via bus. But André didn't know he would be on the cover: A friend called and broke the news when André was on his way home from church one Sunday. French Vogue editor in chief Carine Roitfeld swears: "There is not a special message in the cover, I just loved it." But we've been thinking: Is the cover sending the message, "It's fabulous to be yourself!" Or is it saying,"If a black model wants to land the cover of Vogue, she'd better grow a beard" ?


A Cover Girl Who's Simply Himself [NY Times]


@SinisterRouge: No i understand...it's just that some days being black feels like aburden because you are sooo careful that what you are doing isn't going to be viewed by the masses as cooning or minstrel and honestly blacks are the good for that as well. Its like you feel like you are always on guard to make sure the integrity of the race is "preserved" because most likely we are viewed as jokes to begin with.

i feel you on Chappelle I knew that shit was going to go south from season one. I keot saying that I didnt dislike his comedy but I felt like they arent laughing with you they are laughing at you. It was like Chris rock and the Nigga joke. "We" got it but I felt like it was the wrong forum (and he admitted as much) to share that because it would be completely misinterpreted.