What's The Deal With The Relationship Between Girls And Unicorns?

After a one-horned deer popped up in Italy this week, girls (us included) have delighted at the idea that this genetic flaw was proof of a real live unicorn. So what is it exactly about unicorns that intrigues little girls so much? Time has come out with a story on the history of the unicorn (or, rather, the folklore surrounding the mythical creature) that was very enlightening:

The unicorn both came to represent Christ, and also began to represent purity and chastity. The idea that unicorns could only be tamed by virgins became a widely held belief, and images of unicorns resting their heads in chaste womens laps, with not so subtle sexual undertones, began to appear in artwork.


Heh. Funny then, that one of my favorite unicorn novelty items has nothing to do with chastity at all.


I have this vibrator, which a man wears on this dick while the unicorn horn tickles your clit, and the back end tickles your, uh, back end. Not that many people sell it anymore, so I'm wondering if it's made of that bad material stuff that you're not supposed to put near your near and dear region.

One of the myths that the Time piece points to is that unicorns are no longer around anymore because they were "too slow" to make it onto Noah's ark, and thus, were forced to take to the sea, and have evolved into the very real, and very weird narwhal.


And while unicorns are often associated with Lisa Frank, and rainbows and butterflies, we actually like the way that they are portrayed in this Perry Bible Fellowship strip:


A Brief History of the Unicorn [Time]

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