What's That Lump In Amy Winehouse's Armpit?

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[Baltimore, MD; August 4. Image via Splash]

Another week, another strange sighting on our favorite singer of the 21st century, Amy Winehouse. Going through the paparazzi photos we love to hate this weekend, we came across a snap of Amy performing at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore on Saturday, and noticed a disturbing lump under her left arm. What was it? As usual, we looked to our favorite good doctor, WebMD, for guidance.

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After selecting "arm", then "upper arm", then "armpit" and clicking on "lump or bulge", WebMD gave us two choices: "Abscess" or "Swollen Glands". We hit "Swollen Glands". Nothing! So we went back and clicked on "Abscess". Bingo! According to WebMD, an abscess is a mass "generally surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red" and "full of pus and debris". Pus we get, but debris? As in coffee grounds, dried-up leaves & urine-stained upholstery?

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We clicked through to view the "full article" and learned more:

The most common sites are in your armpits (axillae), areas around your anus and vagina (Bartholin gland abscess), the base of your spine (pilonidal abscess), around a tooth (dental abscess), and in your groin. Inflammation around a hair follicle can also lead to the formation of an abscess, which is called a boil (furuncle).

Could Amy be suffering from an ingrown hair in her 'pit? Perhaps, but it's more likely that a compromised immune system — possibly because of that white stuff recently seen lodged in her nostril? — could be to blame. No matter: This lump is serious business:

As some abscesses progress, they may "point" and come to a head so you can see the material inside and then spontaneously open (rupture). Most will continue to get worse without care. The infection can spread to the tissues under the skin and even into the bloodstream. If the infection spreads into deeper tissue, you may develop a fever and begin to feel ill.


Too late; we already threw up on ourselves!

Abscess [WebMD]

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This lovely lady came to entertain at Lollapalooza, abcess and all, fucking rocking in a fun, fun dress with that drippy sexy voice and there was NO love from the crowd. PROCEED DIRECTLY TO HELL, Chicagoans - you live the most boring lives of anyone on the planet. And make sure your thank me for her not hating you.