What's Jane Pratt been up to? Did you have to ask? She's working on a reality show called American Ugly, to signify, of all highly innovative ideas, a cross between American Idol and Ugly Betty, reports Page Six thanks to an insider whose description of the show is sure to set all your "OMG why didn't Ithink of that???" glands into overdrive: "The participating women 'are just the saddest bunch. These people not only needed fashion tips, they needed an entire mental makeover. Not one could possibly run a magazine. They were delusional.'" Um, could Jane Pratt really run a magazine? Whatevs. Philip Bloch is also involved, not that I really know who that is, not that it matters because I will once Tracie starts clipping this show. [NY Post]

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Oh Jane Pratt. I will continue to forgive your endless run of sins because of "Sassy". We have a dysfunctional relationship, but you were that funky older sister I always wanted. Until you became a wealthy mommy-type who liked Pamela Anderson. But you're still my sister...