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Famous curmudgeon Andy Rooney is about ten years late with his observation "that people are carrying more stuff than they used to." No shit, Sherlock, they didn't have cell phones, iPods or even bottled water when you were a kid in the Middle Ages. Once, I feared that I was carrying too much and I created an inventory of the contents of my bag. It was horrifying! Four magazines, a book, a notebook, three (?!) pairs of sunglasses, an umbrella, hand lotion, keys, loose makeup, an iPod, keys, a wallet and a condom. As we know, I'm a woman who has a problem with baggage — but it's not like the bags go empty! I feel better when the crap I need is right there with me. And yeah, my mom is the type to have tissues, nasal spray and a photograph of Bill Clinton in her purse, so it's my environment. But does Andy have a point? Are you carrying more than you used to? [60 Minutes]


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