What's Going on With Harry's Pants?

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There are two possibilities, here.

Scenario A: Harry is comfortably out of the line of succession. He’s the hip redheaded uncle to the heirs. He figures he doesn’t have to wear a fusty musty suit. He’ll go casual—jeans, that’s the ticket. Jeans, to meet with the Americans.


He does not consider that he’ll be lining up for a photo with two women who dress under the assumption that every facet of their outfit will be nitpicked to death and two men who select their suits knowing they’ll be worn to meet with world leaders.

Scenario B: Harry gets a text approximately thirty minutes before the scheduled photo op. It’s Kate. “Oh shit, that’s today?”

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Even George looks better-dressed and he’s wearing a bathrobe. A tiny, adorable, oddly regal bathrobe.

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i for real owe my life to the anonymous internet person that i don’t remember who said the immortal words:

“why do they insist on dressing george like the ghost of a baby that died in the blitz”

(and yes, i know they do it on purpose so no one will recognize him in normal toddler clothes but it is still the truest thing that has ever been written)