What's A Bride To Do When Her Caterer Is An Anti-Semitic Asshole?

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The Knot.com's messageboards bring us yet another bride in crisis. Poor Dawn-Marie! Her post on the "Planning & Etiquette" messageboard is titled please help :( and she writes:

I have A big prob, I got engaged in May of last year and right away we started planning our wedding. We booked a place that was very well known for their great food. On this wed. we went to the food tasting to start picking what foods we would have out. My fiance, my mother, my grandmother (93 yrs old), a bridesmaid, a groomsman, and my soon to be step daughter (6). Right away the owner started using bad language that I would not like to say here. He called my fiance a "jew bastard", my man of honor a "gay ***". My brother is marring [sic] us and he kept calling him "the internet minister". He hung all over my bridesmaid and said he was going to get her dunk [sic] and take her to the hotel down the street. My step daughter asked why her uncle is a "***".


But wait, there's more!

I cried all night and Matt put a stop on the check we gave him. Matt told the owner I didnt feel comfortable having it there and the owner said he was taking pain meds he never took before and he was sorry. He said we can have any foods we want buffet an ice sculptur,and many other "free" things. I still just cant have it there for fear that he will embarress me infrount of even more of my friends and family.He used bad language infrount of our child of 6 years and my 93 year old nan,he used many hate words that pertained to my bestfriend and my soon to be husband,he sexually harresed my bridesmaid now he wont give me my down payment back....I only have 3 months to come up with something.......what do you guys think?will I even get it back with court or am I wasting my time since it says nonrefundable...he was unexceptable...im going crazy please help!!:(

Well! This post really does deal with both planning and etiquette! Our advice to poor Dawn-Marie? She should have slapped the owner with a yellow star bearing the word "Juden" on it (Third Reich chic) so that guests would know that he is an anti-Semitic homophobe who cares not about the virgin ears of babes and has no respect for bridesmaids. But that's just one idea, and we're open to suggestions! What would you tell dear Dawn-Marie to do?

Please Help:( [The Knot]



As a sort-of defense of the Knot boards, I've found not everyone

there are "chiffon-obsessed" bridezillas. There IS plenty of snark and

intelligence to be found on there, if you look. Obviously, Dawn-Marie

is not one of those people.