Our fascination with menswear? Kind of obsessive. And it was only further provoked by an article in today's Wall Street Journal on the new Thom Browne-designed line for Brooks Brothers, Black Fleece. In case you've forgotten, Thom Browne supposedly "revolutionized" menswear by creating a new men's suit silhouette: One with a cropped leg. We always thought this is funny, because โ€” call us fashion losers or even worse, June Cleaver โ€” but we just can't imagine some straight man in a meeting with other straight men and wearing a suit that purposefully displays his ankles.

This has yielded the following question: Which is the greater men's fashion offense? The, ahem, slightly-poncy skinny suit/cropped ankle combo? Or the hyper-masculine (or something) K-Fed poor little trucker boy look? Which turns you off more? And is there anything that men wear that actually ups their powers of attraction? Take our poll, or put your thoughts in the comments.


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