What, Your Dad Never Publicly Spanked Your Boyfriends?

If you've ever wanted to see a guy get spanked by his girlfriend's father, today's your lucky day: a video of an angry dad giving his underage daughter's adult boyfriend a choice between a "severe ass kicking" or a "brutal spanking" has surfaced on the internet.

"This is the same thing that Chelsea got," the dad says matter-of-factly before pulling down his victim's pants and spanking him in the front yard. "Consider yourself lucky," he adds. "You could have had rape charges plus an ass kicking." The person who uploaded it to YouTube wrote "That's what you get for "puttin it" to an underage girl," and said in the comments that "the person being spanked is about 27 and my little sister was 16. The person giving the spanking is my step-dad."

We don't know the whole story, but judging by the dad's rather light-headed and jovial tone it seems like the sex was consensual; if his daughter was upset or injured, he probably wouldn't have let her boyfriend choose his punishment. Does he have a right to (quite literally) take matters into his own hands?

The video reminds us of the father who beat a man to death for molesting his 5-year-old daughter, but wasn't charged because the jury decided that he used authorized deadly force to protect his child. He "has gone through enough," one woman told the AP. "He was protecting his family. Any parent would do that."

But should fathers be able to "protect" their daughters however they choose to do so? Where do you draw the line? Probably somewhere between murder and public spankings.

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