What Your Airplane Sleep Style Says About You


Although sleeping on airplanes qualifies as actual sleep no more than that SkyMall stainless steel wallet qualifies as something you want, it's still the holy grail. Achieving slumber is not easy; it's impossible to do so without looking somewhat stupid. And the manner in which you doze can reveal quite a bit about your personality.

The Innocent (mouth wide open)


You've never stepped in a pile of dog poop without saying, "Where's the puppy!?" You don't crowd the boarding area before your group number is called, and when the plane lands you don't consider it an act of heroism to let the people ahead of you go first. Although you would never admit it, you think flying is kinda neat.

The Only Child (Legs bent, feet on armrests of seat in front of you)

You don't think twice about resting your toes on a stranger's elbow — you have no boundaries. Your friends probably know too much about your sex life. You are 5'5" or shorter. You are me.

The College Student (forearms and head resting on tray table)


You are a college student.

The Air Marshal (straight up, mouth closed)


You're one of those people who can "fall asleep anywhere," but that's only because no one ever told you what sleeping is. As an ascetic who doesn't subscribe to bourgeois notions like "pillow" or "fun," you feel that beds are as integral to sleep as standing desks are to standing up. Trends will come and go, but being better than everyone lasts a lifetime.

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