What You Get When You Pick On "Old School" Feminists' "Bedside Manner"

I wrote a rebuttal to a Linda Hirshman op-ed column for the Washington Post's website and I am, uh, pimping it on this blog because it seems to be driving donations to our beer money fund to help the women's rights activists get out of Basra and also because I wrote two things that have nothing to do with this blog this week and I am tired. Basically I think it is cool that Linda Hirshman, who thinks all women should marry dudes who make less money and have no more than one child, is not afraid to be judgmental. I just think that, when one is being judgmental, one should be right. (Also, I would never have one kid without giving it at least one more to fight with, and preferably another one to babysit when it got old enough, but that's just how I was raised.) Anyway, the coolest thing about writing for another publication is the crazy mail from readers who have no idea who the hell you are. The best specimen after the jump!


The Feminine Mistake [Wash Post]

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