What Would You Do If You Were 14 And This Was Your Mom?

For the second installment of MTV's True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents, we were introduced to Nikki, an adorable 14-year-old emo girl who is dealing with having a mom who is, in turn, dealing with having some kind of midlife crisis in which she wants to eternally look 18. (To her, "looking 18" translates into looking like Pamela Anderson in her worst costume for the day, replete with giant fuzzy hat.) Nikki's mom doesn't understand why her daughter is so embarrassed by her, because she's just being herself and showing off the body that "God gave [her]". Um, well, if by "God" she means her plastic surgeon. At Nikki's father's birthday party, her mom dances so suggestively with her classmates that Nikki breaks down in tears. Clip above.

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@heavysyrup: just out of curiosity. is that bc your moms was a bible thrower? If so, I think it's that grass is always greener, if not... really? you'd be less embarrassed if your friends knew what your mom's ass cheeks looked like than if she could quote psalms backwards?

@e.b.: @e.b.:

my thoughts exactly! If a dad had semi-nude (or "covered-up nude" as the mom calls it) scattered all over the house, and was being that suggestive with a CHILD, that shit would be over in a heartbeat.

Also, that mom is terrifying looking. I'll never understand why someone spents all that money on tits and then has a face that looks like a stretched out asshole. I mean, I know why... but I can't understand... yk?