On last night's episode, some of the Housewives took their implants and bikinis to spring break hot spot Lake Havasu where they did shots, beer bongs, danced, cried, and then went back to dancing.

Vicki's vacation was almost ruined when she found out that Jeana brought her gay friend Frankie—who wears false lashes—along on the trip. Vicki is suing him for nonpayment of rent. She did shots with Tamara to make herself feel better. After having a lot to drink, Tamara seemed to be having a good time because she publicly grabbed her husband's penis, but then when her twenty-something son showed her the tattoo he got on the inside of his lip, she began to cry about how she's a failure as a mother. (Oddly, she has a tramp stamp.) Vicki cried with her, and the two women embraced, making their straw cowboy hats go crooked, as they professed BFF status.