Many of my friends use Tinder and the levels of excitement they achieve just from swiping left (Tinder's proprietary way to reject matches) often borders on glee. What is it about being able to reject a person online, an anonymous person that can bring one so much joy? Is it control? Is it the sneaky sensation of feeling better than others? Or is it the fact that rejecting someone online is painless, both for you and for the other person? And what would happen if Tinder's way of rejecting and expressing interest in others came to the real world?

Director Rolf Glumsoe Nielsen has made a video of just what real world tinder would look like, and while it's often humorous and makes you want to dance (dat Beyonce remix!), it also makes you think how quick and easy it is now to reject someone in the online world and whether this same kind of mindset is seeping into our real-world interactions.