What Would Rappers Look Like if They Lived in Westeros?

If you haven't already heard—and it's impossible not to have heard at this point—Game of Thrones is returning for a new season on April 6th. In order to prepare you for the inevitable bloodbath (and incest), artists have been hard at work creating every iteration of the series you could think of including a full gallery of hip-hop artists—including Drake, Common, and Big Boi—reimagined as characters from the series

And of course there's Kanye West as Littlefinger, whom artist Shea Serrano describes as "an asshole who is very good at business and things." Good at "things" is also how I'd describe Kanye because he is all over the place, from creating music to planning the biggest and best wedding you've ever seen. And I imagine if he were living in Westeros he would allude to the fact that his name is right there in the continent title at least once per episode. "Yo, dude. Don't you ever talk to me like that! They named a continent after me." ::Stabs enemy stylishly.::


There are ten illustrations in all, and while I'm disappointed that there aren't any female artists depicted, I can only hope that Nicki Minaj as the mother of dragons is forthcoming.

Here's Lil Wayne as King Joffrey:

And here's Drake as Bran Stark (from that House Stark you've been hearing so much about):


View the rest of the gallery on Myspace (!!!) and prepare for the reckoning!

Images via Myspace.


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