What Will You Read Instead Of 'Jane'? Presuming, Er, You Read 'Jane'...

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"Loneliness blows," begins a story in one of our leading contenders to replace Jane as the only women's magazine we actually enjoy reading. "And if you say that being single isn't lonely, it makes us way sadder for you, the delusional girl saying it aloud. Alone. As the words ping off your apartment wall to land in front of your morbidly overfed cat." Ughhh, right on top of the morbidly overfed pile of worthless magazines. That was from Missbehave, a new magazine that in the coming months will be vying from newsstands for whatever place in your heart Jane once occupied. We've assembled three others for a poll as to which one you'll be choosing. You might notice that Lucky, a publication chock-full of ex-Sassy staffers, is not among the candidates, because it is not really a magazine, while Elle is almost too much of a magazine to satisfy the sophomoric yearnings of the Jane reader. What will? You tell us!

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None. Ever since Nylon gave cory kennedy her own "column" I decided that I had just outgrown the target market and stopped buying it. Teen Vogue is alright for the fashion fix, but it has no sexual position of the month (Thank God!). I always thought Marie Claire was for women in their 30's. And Missbehave is uh, trying too hard.

At least I can save some money to put towards the artsy-fartsy magazines that put a hole in my wallet every couple of months.