About a month ago, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska came into our lives, all pitbulls and lipstick, making obnoxious comments in her golly gee-whiz "Jane Six Pack Hockey Mom" kind of way. We freaked out, got angry, became frightened, enraged, stuck in an endless cycle of Sarah Palin news that hasn't died down since. Many commenters posted anti-Palin sentiments in on the boards, begging for coverage of someone, ANYONE else, but the truth is, Sarah Palin's presence in this race is an incredibly important topic for women everywhere, on a myriad of levels, and it warrants frequent discussion. That being said, the election is approximately 30 days away, and we'll soon know if we have to deal with Sarah Palin for the next four years or for just the next few weeks, as she goes to back to her scandals, her half-finished Bridge to Nowhere and special one gay friend who "chose" to be gay in Alaska. My question is this: if Sarah Palin becomes Vice President of the United States, how do you plan on dealing with it?