What Will Laura Bush Reveal In Her Memoir?

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Laura Bush, perhaps the most enigmatic figure in the current lame duck White House, confirmed today that she may be shopping a book proposal. "I've been talking to some publishers, but nothing has happened yet - just a few visits," she says. Bush is notoriously press shy. She has said in the past that she finds giving interviews "boring" and, according to Curtis Sittenfeld in Salon, must be prompted to discuss her own good works. In addition, Laura used to be a Democrat and has revealed in the past that she doesn't think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. The L.A. Times' Meghan Daum says that even though it's what readers want to know, she doubts Laura's autobiography will be called How I Stopped Worrying About Abortion Rights, the Geneva Convention and Basic Grammar and Remained in Love With My Husband. So what will this intensely private lady actually be willing to put in writing? The conjecture, after the jump.

  • Though Laura did admit she disagreed with George about abortion, like Daum says, don't expect her to publicly bash most of what George did in office. She's clearly a very loyal wife, and I think has too much of a sense of decorum to disavow her husband's disastrous Presidency.
  • Do expect her to talk more about the good work she did in the White House, like her initiatives on education, books, and women's health.
  • Don't expect her to dish too much dirt on her daughters, Jenna and Barbara. Though there may be a warm or irreverent anecdote or two, like when Laura told her biographer Ann Gerhart about how "then-20-year-old Jenna Bush call[ed] her father right before he was to deliver the post-9/11 State of the Union address to announce she'd lost the sticker for her car," Laura will not be talking about that time Jenna got arrested for underage drinking.
  • Do expect her to throw at least one curve ball. I would wager that she dishes about one of two things. 1. the tragic car accident she got into as a 17-year-old girl. Laura hit another car being driven by a classmate of hers and he died in the crash. She allegedly had a crush on the guy. 2. George's alcoholism. Everyone already knows that George used to be a huge lush and then found Jesus. She may reveal her reaction to George's substance abuse, because it's just adding emotional content to something that's widely known already.
  • Don't expect her to reveal overmuch about the inner workings of her husband's administration. She'll probably talk about 9/11 and the events surrounding it, but the only secrets from inside the White House we'll get from Laura will likely be about draperies.

Of course, it's possible I've misjudged the situation. Maybe Laura's fed up enough to go rogue and write a bonkers tell-all where she discusses what George's lil' W looks like. Maybe it will have as much salacious detail as Sittenfeld's fictionalized interpretation of Laura, American Wife. Laura will be on Meet The Press this Sunday, and perhaps she'll give us a little taste of her autobiographical naughties. What would you like to hear Laura reveal in her forthcoming memoir? Laura Bush Confirms She's Shopping A Book Proposal [USA Today] Bushes' Books [LA Times] The Perfect Wife: The Life and Choices of Laura Bush Why I Love Laura Bush [Salon] On The Sunday Shows [Time] Earlier: Social Awkwardness, Long Odds & Sarah Palin: A Chat With Curtis Sittenfeld



I saw an interview with them and she said on his 50th birthday, she said "It's Jim Beam or Me." So that's what it took for George to sober up.