Like it or not, the 90's revival is in full swing. Hammer pants, hypercolor shirts, scrunchies, acid-wash jeans, and catsuits are all back in the fashion rotation. But which horrible 90's trend will resurface next?

It's hard to even predict at this point, as most of the trends I thought we'd never see again (Hammer pants? Really?) are back with a vengeance. As is often the case in such revivals, the most extreme fashion statements are always dragged back out, either for ironic purposes or due to the fact that people who missed the fads the first time around (see: 16-year-olds wearing 80s-inspired clothing) want a chance to try the decade on for size. But for those of us who are still a bit horrified about our middle-and-high-school fashion choices in the 90s, the revival is a bit harder to get excited about: we've already had one round of Hammer pants, thanks, and that's quite enough.

This is not to say that the revival is all bad: most of us still wax poetic at times about the comfort factor of our 90s ensembles: baggy pants, flannel shirts, and lots of corduroy, for example. But for the most part, the 90s were a decade that desperately sought its own style by ripping off decades past: the 70's revival was in full swing when I was in high school, and bell-bottom jeans and platforms ruled the hallways. We also spent the latter part of the decade in y2k mode, wearing "futuristic" silvers and neons and iridescent dresses and punked out hair colors It was, in a way, our 90s version of Judy Jetson's wardrobe. Still, there are certain trends that should never be allowed to return. Let's take a look at a few, shall we?

The Kris Kross Remember that hot minute there when we all thought wearing our clothes backwards was an awesome idea? It pains me to think of the various bathroom-related accidents this fad caused for 4th graders across the nation.


The Ironic Hawaiian Shirt: Sadly this one has never really gone away, but we could certainly do without the "I"m only wearing this hideous shirt because it's so ugly and hilarious" crowd. You're still wearing the shirt, dude! My eyes! MY EYES!


Goggles As Accessories If you are not skiing or swimming, you do not need to wear goggles. Period.

Big Johnson or Coed-Naked shirts If you wore these shirts in the 90s, the odds are that you were either a douche, a frat boy, or a youngster who really did not understand innuendo very well.


Overalls Unless you are a farmer, a toddler or a member of TLC circa 1992, you should not be wearing overalls. It doesn't matter if you sex them up by going shirtless or dropping one shoulder, either.

So which trends do you think should stay buried? And which ones do you hope will come back? Feel free to post them in the comments.


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