Animated GIFS, our favorite treasures to both hoard and share. A good GIF is, in a way, a form of internet currency, more valuable than gold. Well, not real gold, but internet gold. Which, in some circles, is more valuable than real gold. The point is, GIFS can bring us together, make us laugh, and make us laugh some more. Also, I maybe need new friends.

As part of celebration of the GIF, artist Sean Pecknold created this video about the history of the... art form? OK, let's just go with it.

Now, let us all get schooled in the history of our foreGIFS. Please take notes (read: bookmark the page) as this is something you'll want to share with your great great grandkids (who will probably be animated GIFS themselves!)

Also, is it time for another GIF party!? I'll start with Queen GIFter LaComtesse favorite, which has since become my favorite, as well. Long live Wet Hot American Summer! Long live the Animated GIF!

A Delightful History of the Gif, in 2 Minutes [Atlantic]