Ever read Better Homes & Gardens? Probably not since you stopped going to the doctor because it's so fucking expensive, right? Well they just won a big-time award for their success at staying "relevant" to their readers or somesuch. And then, within the very selfsame week, House & Garden, Conde Nast's similarly-named, similarly ancient shelter magazine, folded. Is there a lesson in this? No, I mean BESIDES the whole "a housing market meltdown has yielded fewer Americans with giant home equity loans waiting to be spent fixing up their houses" thing. And I think yes! See, while House & Garden had lost about $100 million in recent years, Better Homes raked in $777 million in revenue last year. Most women's magazines are reeling over what the fuck they're supposed to do about the Internet, but Better Homes could not give a shit. What can we learn about the future of publishing profitable nesting magazines from this? I scanned some pages from the mag so you could have an illustrated lesson.

When going after advertisers, keep an open mind about the whole "aspirational" thing.

Same goes for the whole "luxury goods" thing...


And describing to them the lifestyles of your "upscale" readership.

Because for the right purchase, they will find disposable income.