What To Do When You Hate All Your Clothes (Winter Edition)

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So it's March. It's still cold. You're broke. You open your closet and your heart sinks. What's a gal to do?


"I hate everything I own," one of you wrote me. And I feel you. New York's been in the grip of a winter that's reminiscent of Groundhog Day. It seems ludicrous that I ever looked forward to wool and down. Sweaters are pilled, tights are stretched, boots are salt-stained and scuffed. The spring clothes hitting blogs and stores mock the weather and my empty wallet. But all is not lost. Here are a few ideas to get you through the Long Winter.

  • Get things fixed up. First things first. Take those clothes to the dry-cleaner, get your shoes shined and your heels repaired. You'll feel a lot better, trust me.
  • Clean out your closet. You may find clothes you forgot about! At the very least, you may see your clothes with new eyes. And your closet will be clean.
  • Change up your coat. After it's cleaned, that is. Try a wide leather belt with your coat: you may be surprised at how well it works. Add a brooch to the lapel. I recently had 4" chopped off my winter coat; it feels like a new garment. Yes, I may regret this in a year.
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  • Do a clothing swap. I'm a big fan of the "temporary swap" when you and your friends loan each other clothes just to add a little novelty to your wardrobe. Plus, it'll be fun.
  • Break into the summer clothes. There are few things cuter than a flowered dress with a heavy, belted cardigan. And sandals with tights can be chic and fun. Ditto shorts and stockings, maybe with a pair of boots.
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  • If the lure of novelty is just too great, slake it with something small: a pair of fresh tights, a new pair of underwear, a cheap necklace.
  • And...if worse comes to worse, the sales are on. But try to stick to something versatile: a big cardigan, a blazer, a scarf — items that will really revivify your winter stash.

And what are you doing to get through the final, drawn-out days? Getting creative? Getting resigned? Shelling out?

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I was just looking through my closet, and I'm broke, have gained 10 pounds since the last new garment fit me and am suuuper tired but what I see. Now I am working on getting rid of last winter's 10-pound-depression-package without spending too much money on clothes that might not fit properly again in a while.

One thing, and I think that would be a sweet topic for the Dress Code, would be heels. Or shoes in general. I own some heely-ish shoes, but maybe due to my weight, styles over the years, or something else out there, I've never befriended heels. But they look so good. Or I need some good and sexy alternatives. Shoes, ladies! Shoes! I love the idea that I can use my money spending powers on shoes while I am on a diet. I'm broke right now, yeah, but that's on my agenda as soon as there is some cash on my bank account.