A lot of times, when it comes to sex (and especially married-people sex), one assumes that everyone's doing it. But sometimes, even when people are married, not only are they not boning, they never even have. Sex therapists estimate about 1 percent of long-term relationships (marriages and partnerships) go unconsummated despite societal and religious pressures. While fuck-happy heathens like me can hardly imagine a life without sex, some people โ€” including one couple in the article who went through 23 years of marriage without ever once screwing โ€” can hardly imagine a life with it. So what can you do when that happens to you? Some reasonable steps you can take โ€” based on the experiences of the therapists in the article โ€” are after the jump.Talk. First amongst yourselves and then with a medical professional. Why is it that you aren't having sex? What is missing? Is it painful? Fumbling? If you're embarrassed talking about it amongst yourselves, talk about it with a doctor. If that quack tells you to have a glass of wine and just get it over with, drop him and find someone else. A lot of people treated by the doctors in this article had significant medical conditions like vaginismus, vulvodynia and erectile dysfunction. Those are treatable medical conditions that you shouldn't be ignoring. If there's nothing physically wrong with you and you and your partner are unhappy, get thee to a therapist! There's nothing wrong with you or with going to therapy, but if you still can't get to the point you want to or need to be mentally to have sex with your spouse or partner, it's time to go rooting through your own attic with a professional guide. Lastly, there are most certainly people in the world that just. don't. like. sex. And that's fine, if you're fine with that and your spouse or partner is fine with that. But if you've changed suddenly, or if you're not fine with being sexless, or if your spouse isn't fine with a sex-free life then you need to stop hiding from yourself and your issues and jump on that (metaphorically speaking), even if it's just to come to some sort of relationship resolution about it. Hiding from it doesn't make it go away โ€” or reappear.. When The Train Never Leaves the Station [MSNBC]